Crafter's Stories

Nursery Quilt Blocks 300124 A Family Project
The entire family worked on the embroidery blocks including the men and boys in the family, so I’m pretty proud of it.
Thank you, Connie
~ 9/2014

Pillow Sham number 10 The Gift of embroidery
Loie Mead made this pillow sham (XX Roses 120010 ) for her wonderful granddaughter
~ 3/2013

Bloomfield High School
Consumer Science class
JDNA is honored to be able to display pictures of these inspiring young students with their artfully created quilts . These beautiful quilts were hand crafted by Consumer Science students at Bloomfield High School in Ct.
Teacher Lois Newman says that this will be the third year that her students have made and donated the “Dig Pink” hope ribbon cancer quilt (center) for the girls’ volleyball team fundraiser. The past two recipients were given quilts to use during their treatments and it has been greatly appreciated!

Lebanon does it again
Hillcrest kids make 'journey dolls' for cancer patients
Pillowcase Dolls

Hillcrest School sixth grade students in Melissa Goans, Debbie McGinnis and Debbie Staats class made journey dolls again for cancer patients. Some of the patients may be family or friends but many are given to complete strangers. This is the second year the kids have created the memorable dolls. The dolls kits were donated by TMD Outlet a local craft store in Lebnon, MO.~ 9/2012

Library Class Local Library teaches embroidery and sewing to children in the area. The library sewing class taught basic embroidery and sewing skills, by having the kids create pillows. Supplies were donated by Mary Johnson, the owner of TMD Outlet in Lebanon. ~ 9/2012

  • I want to share the joy and pleasure I get when I give a set of pillowcases that I have embroidered and given them as a 'thank you', 'xmas' gift or 'get well' gifts. Everyone is so pleased. Yes I have completed & given away 30 sets of pillowcases. I plan to buy my 31st set today. I also did 2 sets of scarves, one for each of my daughter and son. I am 86 yrs old & disabled - my second operation on my back was not successful. I'm in pain daily & do a lot of sitting to ease the pain. So when I sit I do my embroidery. I have set my pillowcases to New York, Washington, Pennsylvania, Conneticut and Italy. I buy my cases at Hobby Lobby located in Nazareth-Easton, PA. In fact the clerks in the store now call me by my first name. My daugter is 62 and was amazed that at my present age I remember the stitches I learned as a child at a summer playground program. The 'starburst of hearts' was the perfect pattern to teach her. It includes the 4 different stitches. She enjoys embroidering while watching the news on TV. I no longer feel like I'm wasting time watching TV - I keep my ands busy. Thank you for putting a smile in my heart & a smile on my friends. ~ Gina Germano 9/6/2012

  • Love the quality of your products. Have made several quilts, favorite was combining (6 of each) "Sue & Sam" and "Sunbonnet Girl" done as redwork. Ordered some directly from you, others I found while vacationing in Clear Lake, Iowa. (The old fashioned mercantile store had a huge supply of your goods) I have enough to keep me busy for a long time. Thank You!!!!! ~ Ann Boettcher 1/12/2012

  • I am 87 years old this November and live at Fern Terrace Lodge, assisted living facility, in Murray, KY, 42071. The one thing I can still do that I enjoy VERY much is embroidery. I have just completed this pillow for a gentleman who also lives at this facility. He had seen some of my other projects and asked for a pillow for his bed that had horses on it. It will be a surprise for him as he does not know that my daughter-in-law (who is writing this for me) was able to find a pattern for me. I can hardly wait to give it to him. I hope you think it is as pretty as I do. I have certainly enjoyed stitching it both because I enjoy embroidery so much and because I will enjoy giving it to this very deserving gentleman who has few friends or family with which to share enjoyable things.~ Catherine Wicker

From the kindness of strangers
Hillcrest students make 'journey dolls' for unknown friends
Pillowcase Dolls

Reprinted with premission from:
By Fines Massey The Daily Record
For some kids, life can be pretty hard, but receiving a handmade doll from another child that they don’t even know might just be what they need to cheer up their day. About 40 students at Hillcrest School volunteered over the past ive months to make a “journey doll” for children they’ve never met. The dolls will go to children aflicted with cancer spending the summer at a camp just outside of Springield or patients being treated at the St. Jude’s Hospital in St. Louis. Sixth-grade teacher Debbie Staats said the experience has been very moving. She said it was good to see so many students doing things for other children they didn’t even know. “There was a lot of compassion shown through what these kids have done,” Staats said. The dolls are called journey dolls because of the journey they take from the maker of the doll to the person it is gifted to. They also are given the name because they are very similar to the cloth dolls that children heading West onto America’s prairies would have had in the 1800s. Sixth-grade teacher Debbie McGinnis first learned about journey dolls in December when she was approached by Mary Johnson, the owner of TMD Outlet in Lebanon. Johnson donated a doll kit for every student who wanted to make one. Students in the classes of McGinnis, Staats, Melissa Goans, Ashley Sutherland and Andrea Foster volunteered for the program, even though many of them had never picked up a needle and thread. Through the project, the kids were able to learn the basics of sewing and following directions. The majority of the students’ work was done on their own time, either after school at home or at the school. Teachers McGinnis and Staats both said they volunteered more than 10 hours after school to help the students complete the dolls. A student’s grandmother, Lawana Hulsey, brought in a sewing machine to help the kids with some of the work. Along with the dolls, each student is attaching a handwritten letter for the doll’s future owner. The letter lets the new owner know about the journey the doll took to get in their hands. Many of the students were excited about the project, saying that they learned a lot from the experience while having fun at the same time. One student who didn’t get involved even expressed his regret in not making one of the dolls after seeing how much fun the other kids had. “It was a really good experience to know I’m helping out other kids that need it by showing them people care about them,” said Faith Alwardt, one of the participating students. The students will be shipping the dolls off this week.

Students Sixth-grade students at Hillcrest School show off the journey dolls they have made to give to kids in a summer camp and in St. Jude’s Hospital. Forty students from Debbie McGinnis, Debbie Staats, Melissa Goans, Ashley Sutherland and Andrea Foster’s classes made the dolls almost entirely on their own time. Along with the doll, each student wrote a letter to the dolls’ new own ers, so they know a little bit about where the doll came from and who made it. The kits to make the dolls were donated by Mary Johnson, the owner of TMD Outlet in Lebanon.
LDR photo Fines Massey

rose quilt blocks Pattern 732380 Rose & Heart, King size quilt. This quilt was constructed with 25 blocks and measured 102" x 102" at completion. The motivation for this quilt originated when my husband was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia in February 2009. We picked this pattern together so that I would have something to occupy my time at the hospital while he was battling his illness. We quickly learned that my husband’s only hope of a cure from his leukemia would be a stem cell transplant which would require several months of recovery and that we would have to remain very close to the hospital during this time. My niece graciously offered to let us stay at her house during this time since the hospital he was being treated in was about 70 miles from our home, therefore we chose her to be the recipient of the quilt. I worked on this quilt for 17 months while my husband battled his leukemia, and he would continually ask me how much I had done and when it would be finished. He saw a lot of the progress of it; however he passed away shortly before it was completed. This quilt symbolizes the generosity of my family, and will serve as a memory of him, and the courageous battle he fought with leukemia. ~ Jan Mitchell 5/1/2011

  • Many thanks for your excellent service and care in getting my order to me in plenty of time before Christmas. I'm teaching my grandchildren embroidery and at first we just took their pillowcases and drew their name in pencil and they cross stitched and outlined. Then they did a pillowcase for their parents for Christmas last year and I thought they were ready for a "professionally stamped kit". The little animal pillowcases will be perfect for them. As an aside, a number of friends and I embroider pillowcases all year long, we buy new sheet sets (twin, queen and king-always looking for good sales) and we incorporate our embroidered pillowcases with the new sheet sets and donate them to an organization on the North side of Chicago that helps many needy families. We donated 24 sets this year and about the same amount last year. We've picked up a few more stitchers so we're looking to break out record and get out the 20's and into 30 or more sets. It works well both ways. It helps families and we all love to embroider throughout the year. We call outselves the Stitching Crew.
    Happy Holidays to all of you and thank you once again. ~ Mary C. 12/24/2010

  • I used this pattern (XX Pets Nursery Quilt Squares ) with my 3 yr old daughter to teach patience and stitching side by side with mommy. It is a wonderfully simple pattern with very little color changes. Start off with the one color blocks and move up to the more difficult ones as patience and talent increase. Never force a child to sit and finish. Let her come to the project light-hearted and with a fun attitude. When she tires let her go play. Slowly warm memories will form and your little one will grow a love of needlework. ~ Debbie H. 4/27/2010

  • I made this pattern (Band 9" Theme Quilt Blocks ) into a much larger quilt by adding nine inch school color squares so that it would cover a single or full size bed. The instrument details are great. The floating notes are really neat. ~ Sharon P. 3/5/2010

  • I finsihed this quilt (Cardinals 18" Quilt Squares ), and it looks beautiful. Love how easy the printing washed out. ~ Joan 2/10/2010

  • I did this pattern (Birds Lace Edge Pillowcase 180031) with not having done cross stitching for 17 yrs. I enjoyed it and I did mine with different colored flowers. I made my flowers red and gold for Christmas. It was a very easy pattern. My step mom started me doing it when I was 13 and all I had to left to remember her was the pattern that she left. Thank you so much for helping me bring back great memories. ~ Hollyann P. 1/11/2010